Following criticism of German rapper Bushido’s new music video, “Stress without reason”, Berlin’s prosecution service has now commenced criminal proceedings. In light of the unacceptable lyrics in the video, the rapper should do well to anticipate civil consequences as well.

Bushido’s premises raided © arahan-Fotolia
Bushido’s premises raided © arahan-Fotolia

Bushido’s video is harmful to minors

Due to the harmful content in the single, Germany’s Federal Review Board for Media Harmful to Minors released an injunction some two weeks ago and placed the album in which it features “NWA” on the “list of harmful content to minors”.

This means the single may no longer be accessible for minors and it can no longer be broadcast in public.

According to the Federal Review Board, this step was taken as the video induces violence, is discriminatory to homosexuals and to women and is therefore harmful to minors.

State prosecution service raids

According to media reports, Berlin’s state prosecution service raided Bushido’s premises yesterday (31.07.2013), claiming that the rapper is under suspicion of incitement to hatred, glorifying violence and slander. Detailed documents and data storage devices were seized.

Reacting to Bushido’s video

Wilde Beuger Solmecke is of the opinion that Bushido’s video fulfils the legal elements of at least one criminal act, namely insulting (§ 185 of the German criminal code).

The content of the video clearly exceeds the boundaries of artistic freedom. Those who are victim of the video should take a stand against the rapper and demand he submits a declaration to cease and desist as well as pays compensation.

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